2020-21 Passholder Waivers and Photos

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Passholder Waiver & Photo Details

Thank you for your patience as we transition to our new RFID gates and software point of sale system. We appreciate your kind words of support and encouragement as we go through these growing pains.

Dear Passholder;

Attached is information on your new Baldy Mountain Resort Season Pass in our new RFID format. There are many benefits to this pass, such as it is reloadable over 3 years without requiring a new one, only need to redo your pass photo every 3 years, allows you to do your annual waiver online, upload your pass photo online and you’re not required to come to the office to do any of this.

How does it work?
The new RFID card is a radio frequency identification system. It is coded to specific uses, in our case to our new electronic gates. When a guest carries an RFID card in a pocket on the left side (where our gate opens from) the radio sends a signal to open the gate.

This system allows us to monitor several things, such as skier visits, peak ski periods, contact tracing, and also stops fraudulent access to the chairs. Since it is contactless, the ability to reload season passes or day tickets online offers zero risk to our guests. Furthermore; as RFID becomes more and more available, you’ll find the ease of use user friendly.

As in many new setups, we expect to experience growing pains or possible bugs. We ask you to bear with us as we learn the ropes and adjust to a new point of sale that manages our sales and the lift gates and train our staff. Please be patient and be kind, we are doing our best to speed this transition along. Thank you.

We want to give you these special tips to help the transition to this new system.

  1. Please keep your pass/ticket by itself in your left pocket.
  2. If you purchase multiple day tickets in separate cards, do not keep multiple RFID tickets/passes with the pass/day ticket you will use for that day. They will all validate if you do so. We cannot refund used/validated passes.
  3. Do not place any radios or cell phones/mobile devices in the same pocket as your pass/ticket as it may inhibit access through the gate.
  4. The gate will not open if you do not have a pass, remember this if you’re holding your child’s pass, please ensure they carry their own pass.
  5. Passes are timed to open once through an allotted time period. Once you pass through the gate this timer will not let you through again until the time period ends. This is to eliminate fraudulent use of the passes. The time lock for the Eagle is 12 minutes and for the Sugarlump is 8 minutes.
  6. Waivers must be signed by every person 19 years and older. Minors, 18 years and under must have a parent or legal guardian sign for them. One parent
  7. When using your pass at a reciprocating hill, please be prepared to provide proof of payment though your online receipt at time of purchase. If you do not have your order number, please email us at ticketoffice@skibaldy.com giving us your name, address, phone number and type of credit card used and we’ll email you a copy. The reciprocating hill has every right to deny a discount if you cannot provide proof of purchase. Please be prepared prior to arrival.
  8. Your pass will be “blocked” if you have not signed your waiver, sent us your pass photo or have not completed your final payment on the extended payment plan. Once this has been rectified, your pass will be unblocked.
  9. If you cannot email us a pass photo or sign a waiver online you are invited to come to our office to complete your paperwork and get your photo done in person. Our regular office hours are Thursday through Monday 8:30am to 4pm. Please wear a mask, it is required indoors.


To forward your season pass photo please email your pass photo to: passes@skibaldy.com
Please save your pass photo as follows: last name first name

Please do not send your photo with the digital number originally assigned to it. Please change it to your last name first name prior to sending it.
Please send ONE pass photo per person, per email. Even if you are a family of more than 1 person. This ensures there are no upload issues with large files. Your picture must be like that of a passport photo, head and shoulders only with a clear view of the face, no hats, face coverings or poor lighting. Your pass photo will be rejected if does not conform to these requirements.

To sign your waiver: Please go to this link and sign your waiver here:

One adult per waiver. One adult may sign WITH minors, any more adults must sign a separate waiver.

For those who chose to receive their passes by mail: If your pass does not arrive in time for your first visit, we will simply reissue a new pass for you at the Guest Services Office, which takes a minute. Your original pass will be voided.

We sincerely thank you for your patience as we work through these recent upgrades.

Team Baldy



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