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Baldy Mountain Resort is still open but monitoring the situation daily. We are scheduled to close for the season on Sunday, March 29th, our last day. Please check back as this situation is fluid and can change daily.

While we are open, we will honour the reciprocal agreements between those hills with whom we have an agreement, but had to close. Please ensure you provide your pass at ticket purchase, guests without a pass from their home hill will not be eligible for a reciprocal discount.


After reviewing government recommendations, interior health updates and consulting with Canada West Ski Areas Association, Baldy Mountain resort has implemented updated measures to help our guests enjoy the balance of the season and to inform you of what our direction will be. Our current scheduled closing date is Sunday, March 29th, we will update as necessary.

1) We advise ALL guests there is a risk in any setting of contracting covid-19, the young, elderly, pregnant and immunocompromised are at a higher risk level. We are asking those within these demographics to avoid all situations that may increase your susceptibility and ask you refrain from visiting the mountain.
2) Those who have travelled within the last 14 days, those who may be sick or think they’re sick, please use common sense and avoid going anywhere that may spread any virus, including covid-19. Please refrain from visiting the mountain if you are in this category.
3) BMR has increased the amount of cleaning and sanitizing of the cafeteria, washrooms and Bar. We have removed excess seating/tables to no more than 50 seats, we have prepared tables for social distancing and encourage seating in outdoor areas.
4) We are using single use items as frequently as possible in the bar and café.
5) We encourage everyone to “brown bag it” and sit only with immediate family members outside.
6) Ski only with immediate family. Singles skiers will ski on their own and not with unrelated guests.
7) Social distancing: we are asking our guests to kindly keep your distance at all times by at least 2 meters/approx. 7 feet to other patrons. This applies everywhere.
8) Please ensure you wash hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds and cough/sneeze into your arm or tissue. If you are ill, please refrain from visiting the mountain.
9) If you feel you cannot conform to these heightened regulations, please, do not visit and put others at risk, not just here, but everywhere, grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants etc.
10) The Slush Cup this year has been cancelled as the group factor and water transfer is high risk and does not conform to BC Government regulations. We will be reviewing the Dummy Downhill and make a decision shortly.

Baldy Mountain Resort does not offer on hill accommodation. Those who utilize private housing on the hill are encouraged to discuss their risks directly with the homeowner with whom they contracted with.

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