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Family Friendly Resort

 In Baldy Culture, Family, Family Skiing, Kids Programs, Slope Safety

Hello Baldy enthusiasts,

We have been asked on occasion why Baldy Mountain is considered a family-friendly resort, so we would like to share our thoughts, and the reasons behind why we promote ourselves as such.

The number one factor, in our mind, which makes us family friendly is our terrain. We are lucky enough to have the base of both chairlifts, and the magic carpet, all close to each other. We have heard parents say how great it is to let their kids enjoy the mountain, while they are in the Baldy Bar and Lounge with a hot chocolate, watching the kids as they load either of our chairlifts. We also have minimal to no avalanche terrain and no overly large cliffs or drops within our ski area boundary. Safety is always a main concern of any parent, at Baldy parents can feel secure in the knowledge that it is hard to get lost at Baldy. Moreover, should your child strain a knee or twist an ankle, Baldy has highly experienced first responders on our team: three of our core management staff work with the local ambulance in the summer months.

The other defining factor, which helps the kids enjoy Baldy Mountain Resort, is the lack of crowds on the mountain that stems from our smaller resort experience. For a child to learn it can be quite intimidating, and not having crowds of people fly past as they tentatively do their first runs (of what we hope is a journey toward loving the sport, snow, and outdoors) really allows for a comfortable learning environment. A great example of this is when GM Andy Foster’s brother, based in Vancouver, signed his 6-year-old son up for 10 weeks of lessons at one of the larger resorts. Sadly, after lesson two, the rough-and-tumble young man was overwhelmed by the experience and did not return to that resort. This past winter they visited Baldy and had quite the different experience, ending with an extension of their winter holiday because the family was having such a wonderful time. The 6-year-old is now a competent skier who wants to return to Baldy Mountain Resort as soon as possible!

Raising a family is an expensive undertaking for any person and Baldy Mountain is proud to offer one of the cheapest seasons passes in British Columbia. We offer competitive rentals as well as great programs for both children and adults to learn and enjoy themselves on the mountain. Feeding the family is also budget friendly at Baldy, where we offer a cafeteria style option for a quick bite to eat, and also a recently renovated restaurant and bar area for those that want table service and bit more time to relax.

Our final defining factor is customer service. Baldy Mountain Resort community is tight knit and the resort strives to offer a very personalized service. Our team is largely local and put the time and effort in to ensure they align with our company culture and views. When our GM speaks to new staff each season, he asks them to treat every guest “as if they are your daughter, brother or grandmother”. We are proud of the culture which has been built up over the past 50 years; a culture which offers all of our guests an environment which they want to return to time and time again.

We will sign off by saying that we hope to see patrons of all ages up here enjoying Baldy Mountain Resort this winter and experiencing the environment and culture that we are very proud of.

See you on the slopes!

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