Mount Baldy’s Family Pre-Season Prep #alwaysbaldyready

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1)The Great Gear Roundup

Find what you can of your family’s gloves, toques, socks and any other piece of ski gear that comes in pairs. Gather at least two kids. If you don’t have kids, throw away one of each pair immediately. If you’ve just got one, perfect, call over their friend and turn the final step into a multi-house expedition. Finally give one of each pair to either kid and have them do their best to hide it. Set your alarm for usual ski day wake-up time, hit the stopwatch and begin working on your new personal best morning ski gear round up.

2) Agility Test

Seek out your nearest hockey arena. Put on all of your ski gear, boots included. Make sure to bring the whole family and have them occasionally stop, whine and make you carry at least one piece of their gear. Walk from end to end of the ice 20 times. To take it to the next level, attempt to retrieve your car keys mid ice from a zipped pocket.

3) The Parking Lot marathon

Load up the kids in full snow suits, and pull into the furthest away parking spot at the ski hill. Proceed to make the kids walk entirely on their own to the nearest chairlift. Increase difficulty as needed by carrying additional pairs of kids gear along with your own along the route.

4)Goggle Tan on day 1

Nothing says I ‘m hardcore like the dude or dudette pulling off a deep goggle tan. Sure, they’ll pay for it later with wrinkles and old looking skin, but today…Today they are clearly the coolest person on the mountain. Goggle tans in the spring are a given, but showing up with a goggle tan on opening day is downright righteous. Make the most of sunny autumn days by wearing your goggles outside, and if need be taking a trip to the tanning salon complete with goggles so you can bathe in that glory on day 1.

5) Face shot tolerance

Recreate the ultimate ski experience of being locked deep in the white room with soft sweet Baldy snow splashing off our faces. First, get out the blender. Load it up with ice. Put on your goggles (They should be already on if you’re serious about point number 4). Place your face squarely over the top of the blender, but not too close please. Hit blend repeatedly until the blender is empty. Let all snow slowly stick too, melt and slide down your face while stretching out the largest smile you can. Bonus points. Throw a little Margarita mix in and get spring-skiing ready while you’re at it.


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