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New Runs, Snowshoes and Extra Space To Find More Pow – Oh My!

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Even MORE Terrain Announced at Baldy Mountain Resort

Dearest Baldy community,
The BMR team are super excited to share some updates with you. We have been working hard in the heat to add value to your winter as we continue to strive to offer an enhanced experience to you all

For those long-term locals and new adventures alike, we are excited to announce the cleaning and reopening of some long-lost terrain and also share with you the work we are doing on the snowshoe trails

We have had our brushing crew hard at work this spring, and they will be back out soon now the weather is cooling down. If you see them around town you may well notice bits of Alder sticking out of their hmmmm…. clothing (see accompanying picture).


Brushing Out The Trails

Rockstar/ Power keg Trees – Watch for 8 new micro chutes. Enjoy and don’t forget your snorkel

Shaft/ Rockstar trees – minor cleanup of deadfall and an old chute opening again after many years of alder growth – see if you can find it……

Maverick – For you big Powder Thursday fans, check out the new feel. we cut beautiful chutes in the overgrown evergreen – this will be amazing this year. This run’s potential is unrealized – this may become our new favorite.

The Pondo/ Shaft trees – For the adventurers – The brushing cleared out a lot of the deadfall and cut out the alder that was impassable as well we cut back the alder on the lower chutes. The triangle of trees & alder above the South winds had deadfall cut out and alder cut back – a small, but fun area!

Shaft – Evergreen trees gladed into islands and several wide chutes opened – We are trying to return this run to the steep and deep run it once was

Forney’s Run – We cleaned chutes we opened last year and did a bit more brushing and cleaning, particularly on skiers left – come explore

Glades – partially done – opened the far side chutes but hopefully will get back and finish once the fire hazard issue is resolved.

Honky Tonk – Did you miss Honky Tonk last year? We gladed the evergreens and created nice wide chutes. This will drastically increase the level of skier that can enjoy this terrain. A blue skier could now safely ski this. You will be thrilled with this ride

Jolly Jack/ Jolly Jack shortcut – For all of you powder hounds out there! We opened up all the lower chutes between Jolly Jack and the Shortcut – you gotta check these out soon!

As we continue to think long term and strive for an all season resort it is vital we focus on the non-skier options; think about your partner doing a day of snowshoeing and then relaxing in front of the fireplace in the updated Baldy Bar….

Oops, did I hint at what’s happening in the lodge… 

Shaping Up To Snowshoe

The Gruhl’s Pool/ Bare Patch Trail – Brushing work here was for access off the toboggan park area. We opened up the trail head by clearing all the alder side-to-side – hot and dirty work. We have redirected the trail around the bridge for safety purposes. If you haven’t seen the view from the bare patch on a bluebird winter day you are missing a bucket list item!

The rest of the trail had become impassible with deadfall but we have remarked the trail with flagging tape and cut all the deadfall that was across the trail to Gruhls’ Pool. In an effort to make the trails more accessible we have developed a new beginner Snowshoe trail behind the Sugar Lump chair. This trail is easily accessible on simple terrain so if you, your partner or children want to try snowshoeing, this season could well be the time.

The team has yet to get into our existing snowshoe trail system but it’s on the agenda so please come check them out when the snow falls. We are thrilled to be providing extra areas to explore and adding great non-skier options.

Stay tuned right here for even more developments from your Baldy Mountain team!

– Andy Foster
General Manager

Andy Foster

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