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The Powder Flu – We’ve Got the Cure!

 In Baldy Culture, Family Skiing, Winter planning

There is rumour of a new illness that is affecting the snowsport community. We’re sure that many of you snow sport enthusiasts have witnessed this awful illness first hand.


The Powder Flu has affected at least one of us in our time; but no longer!


Do you suffer from?


  • Extreme thirst for snow
  • Difficulty walking as a result of wearing your ski boots anywhere and everywhere
  • Nightmares involving closed highways
  • Difficulty concentrating at work or school
  • Daydreaming of face-shots
  • Wearing ski gear to bed
  • Inability to form sentences without the word powder
  • Checking snowfall forecast every 15 minutes


We, at Baldy Mountain Resort, would like to assure you that we have found the cure for all seven symptoms. We are happy to offer you Extra Strength Powder Flu Relief.


Be sure to follow the correct dosage, and your Powder Flu ailment will be cured:



OUR NON DROWSY formula promises 4 months of relief. Mix one part season pass, with friends and family and repeat as often as necessary.

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