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Learn a sport, get a lifetime of adventure

Located in the border of Kootenay Boundary and South Okanagan, Baldy Mt is a great place for our teen and youth to develop their skills through our programs, camps and lessons. Baldy Mountain Ski Resort provides a range of options for the skier and snowboarder, with instruction from a certified Snow Pro. Don’t have any equipment? Our ski rentals team will provide you with the equipment they need to have fun and stay safe on our mountain.

Teen and Youth Lessons

Discover Skiing or Boarding!

If you want to experience skiing or snowboarding for the first time, our Teen and Youth Discover Package is a fun and affordable way to get out and explore. You get a one-hour group lesson unless there is more than one in each group and access to our Magic Carpet. This is a great lesson to build and advance on to our Next Step Lesson.

Next Step Lesson

For Teen and Youth who have been skiing or snowboarding once or twice, or even more our Snow Pros will help take their skills to the next level. Inquire with our Snow School about rentals and lift ticket options.

Baldy Mountain Camps

Those who join a group benefit from learning and having fun together. Our Baldy Mountain Camps are held over multiple dates throughout the winter season starting in December. Inquire with our Snow School about rentals and lift ticket options. Book now as space is limited.

Baldy Mt Teen and Youth Private Lesson

Some teen and youth might benefit from a private lesson, or perhaps a semi-private lesson with other family members. We can also provide personalized lessons to focus on developing bumps, steeps, gates or airs, and our instructors will make sure that you receive detailed tuition to give the best possible experience. Inquire with our Snow School about rentals and lift ticket options.

Teen and Youth Programs

Never Ever days

If you’ve Never Ever skied or snowboarded before, join us for a lesson in the Okanagan, BC for Never Ever Days. On specific days you can get rentals, lift tickets and a lesson for just $25.

Mt Baldy Alpine Club

Baldy Mountain Resort is home to multiple learning opportunities. The Baldy Mountain Resort race club is a program that is run over multiple weekends throughout the season starting in January running through to March. If you would like to learn more about their program head over to the Website. Race Club

Grade 4&5 Snowpass

This amazing program is offered by the Canadian Ski Council for youth in grade 4&5 living in Canada. The Snowpass program is currently celebrating its 20th year, and passholders can ski or snowboard at over 150 locations across the country, plus passes can be used up to 2 times at each ski area.


What is a Baldy Teen and Youth Lesson?

A Baldy Mt Lesson is the perfect way for young skiers and snowboarders to be introduced to the sport or to develop their skills. We offer private lessons, semi-private lessons and group lessons, which are matched to skill level and age. Our dedicated Snow Pro team will give you the professional instruction to help you master the mountain.

What is a Baldy Youth Program?

A Baldy Mt Youth Program is a specialized multi-day ski or snowboard program aimed at developing the skills of young snow sports enthusiasts. This program is held with the Baldy Mountain Alpine Race Club. You can head over to there website to check out more details at www.mtbaldyalpineclub.ca

What is a Baldy Teen and Youth Camp?

Baldy Camps are events aimed at quickly improving the ability of beginners. Our Teen and Youth Camps cater for guests aged 7-18 and are held over multiple dates throughout the season. They provide intensive, fun instruction and aim to improve participants riding abilities. Inquire with our Snow School about rentals and lift ticket options. Some degree of athletic ability is required.

Sking or boarding?

When you choose a lesson, program or camp you are given the option to choose whether you ski or snowboard. While skiing is an easier sport to learn initially, it takes decades to perfect the art of skiing. Snowboarding is more difficult to acquire the skills needed but the learning curve after this is exponential. You will become a better snowboarder faster than a skilled skier. It is possible to learn to ski or snowboard in a one or two hour lesson.

I am a beginner

We think than learning to ski and snowboard is an awesome thing to do, and you’ll have a blast with our instructors. They’ll take you through the basics of the sport and get you out on the mountain in no time. Your safety and enjoyment is our number one priority. Booking a beginner lesson with us ensures you are going to have the best possible time at Baldy Mt Ski Resort.


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