Summer Hiking on Baldy Mountain

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After a glorious season at Baldy Mountain Resort for 2017/2018, our snow gear is packed away for summer, and instead, we’re pulling on our hiking boots and applying sunscreen.

The last of trace Ullr’s (the Norse god of snow) grip has left Mount Baldy, and while it is hard to say goodbye to winter, it’s worth it. By the end of June, or beginning of July as snow always takes a bit longer to melt up on the mountain tops, the surrounding mountains are green and bursting with wildflowers. Their timing is perfect because the valley below is now blistering hot, and the cool mountaintop air is just the escape we are looking for.

Hiking at Baldy Mountain Resort in the summer months is an exciting way to gain a new perspective on the mountain we know so well in the winter season. There are some trails around the village, and the ski runs are well cleared so you can choose any run to hike up. There is something extra special and adventurous about forging your own way like our ancestors once did.

We chose to hike up Baldy Trail to Ponderosa and back, which took us a total of two hours to complete including our delicious lunch break at the top. I would be lying to you if I told you that the hike was easy… I guess I’m not in as great of shape as I thought! During the ascent, you are at a fairly steady incline for the entire way up, and the sprawling mountain views at the summit of Mount Baldy are what make the climb especially worth it. You’ll also spot some wonderful things along the way: rabbits, grouse, wild blueberries and strawberries, the aforementioned wildflowers, and you’ll also find some treasures (money and other goodies left behind or lost by pass holders from the previous season) along the way.

As usual, there are tonnes of chatter about utilizing what Baldy has to offer in the summer months and turning the mountain into a summer destination. We love hearing about your ideas and seeing how passionate the community is about Baldy Mountain Resort. Click over to our Facebook or Instagram pages and feel free to chime in. As we all turn our faces up to the sunshine and take a moment to drink in the hot heat of the summer sun, let’s all take a moment to daydream about the previous winter, and speculate of the winter to come. Perhaps we should all invest in our 2018/2019 Baldy Season Pass early; as Ullr dropped a hint on June 11th that this season might be a doozy…


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