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The People of Baldy: Meet the chef! Dany Perron

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The People of Baldy is a new series that will be taking a look behind the scenes at the people who make the ski area tick. To kick things off we’re starting in the kitchen with Baldy Mountain Resort’s new chef Dany Perron.



What do you get when you combine a Quebecer, skiing and delicious food? Baldy Mountain Resort’s new chef Dany “Sideshow Bob,” Perron.


Originally from Amos, Quebec, a small town in northwestern Quebec on the Harricana River, Dany was lured west by the magical dual personalities of the South Okanagan.


“BC is Canada’s ski paradise! Baldy is the highest (elevation) peak to ski! It’s the best of two worlds,” exclaimed Perron. “Tons of good snow up on the hill and good weather downhill! And I don’t have to shovel my driveway! Viva Okanagan Valley!”


For Dany, food preparation is his favourite method to channel his inspiration.


“I really love to cook and it lets my creativity flow! My food is my heart! I love the reaction of the people when they eat a good meal that I have cooked!” added Perron.


While you can take the chef out of Quebec, you can’t take the Quebec out of the chef.


“I’m from Quebec so poutine is my favourite food to prepare for sure! There are so many fancy good-looking plates, but a real good poutine is hard to beat! I’m Quebecois,” he laughed.


Although he’s the chef at the mountain, when it comes to home-life, his partner’s cooking can’t be beat.


“The best meal I have ever had? That’s my girlfriend’s lasagna,” he added earnestly.


Keep an eye out while you’re in the lodge this season for Sideshow Bob’s telltale hairdo and say hello to the man behind your favourite lodge food this season.


As for what you can expect this season?


“Consistency, good poutine, fresh new dishes and an always smiley chef! It should be a good winter!”

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