Baldy Mt FAQ’s


Is there anywhere on the Mountain that does repairs to equipment if needed?

Absolutely! Our techs in the Rental Department will be able to assist with such things as waxing, sharpening, etc.

Can we bring our dog with us up to Baldy?

We are all pet lovers up here and have no issues with bringing your furry friends, but for the safety of everyone, including your pet, we strictly enforce all pets being on a leash while on resort grounds, and they cannot be left unattended at any time. This includes the parking lot area. No pets can ride the chairlifts.

Can my 15-year-old son pick up his pass when he is at Baldy with his friends?

Unfortunately, all people (under the age of 19) must be in the company of their parent or legal guardian to pick up their passes. This is to ensure that all necessary paperwork has been acknowledged, correctly filled out, and signed by the necessary people.

What if my season pass is lost or stolen?

Baldy will replace a day or season pass for $10.00 if lost, stolen or forgotten elsewhere. Your previous season pass or previous day ticket will be cancelled so it cannot be used by anyone else.

Where can I purchase lift passes?

Either at our ticket office or at

I forgot my season pass/ski pass at home, can I still go skiing?

There’s “snow” way we want you to miss a day on the slopes! We will look you up in our system, and if all looks good, we will issue you a day ticket to get on the slopes.

I am a Baldy season pass holder. What Baldy benefits and discounts am I eligible to receive?

Apart from the amazing terrain, great powder, and friendly service, you also get reciprocal discounts on other mountain resort tickets. Find more info here .

What is the elevation of Baldy Mountain Resort?

The lodge elevation is 1726 m (5665 ft) and the peak of Baldy is 2310m (7580ft).

What is your Refund Policy?

Baldy Mountain Resort Season Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.


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