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some of the lowest prices in BC

Sugardays season pass

Our season pass prices are some of the most affordable in Canada. Baldy Mountain Resort is truly an undiscovered gem, but the word is spreading. Good things don’t stay a secret for long!


The Sugardays season pass is a 4-day, Monday to Thursday pass for those who can’t make it on weekends but still want to experience that Okanagan champagne powder. Have unlimited access to riding all lifts on Monday and Thursday, as well as Sugarlump and the Magic carpet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Spend the season with us and enjoy the plentiful, natural snow perfect for stellar skiing and snowboarding. Visit our family-friendly mountain community, and enjoy an abundance of mountain activities available for your enjoyment!

Season Pass

Why Buy A Baldy Mountain Resort Sugardays Season Pass?

Buying a Baldy Mountain Resort Sugardays Season pass gets you unlimited access to the resort Monday to Thursday. That’s 60 days of riding! If you buy early you save. By buying at our early bird rate, you will have the pass paid for in less than 4 ski days! Not only will you receive the best priced season pass in Canada, you will also save 10% on retail items, 10% on lessons, and 10% on rentals.



2 FREE SKI DAYS at each of Apex, Manning Park, Mt. Seymour and Mt. Washington with your Baldy Mt Pass. Restrictions may apply. More details to follow when we receive them.

$400 in yearly Discounts

More details to come!

More Info to follow

Pass Protection Coverage

Want to be covered in case of illness or injury or concerned with work making you move away from your beloved Baldy Mountain Resort? Purchase our pass protection coverage and rest assured.


Read more about our Pass Protection Coverage and Emergency Protection Program here.


More info below

Coming 2023/2024 Season

7 Days a week operation is coming for 2023/2024 season.

Sugar Days Passes

See below for Sugar Days Season Pass descriptions and Terms & Conditions

Sugar Days Season passesAll prices shown in CDN dollars Early Bird June 15th/2023 to August 15th/2023(Mon – Thur) Regular Season August 16th onwards
Adult Passages 19-64 $299 $339 Buy Now
Buy Now
Junior Passages 7-12 $199 $239 Buy Now
Buy Now
Senior Passages 65-74 $199 $239 Buy Now
Buy Now
Student Passages 19-30 $249 $299 Buy Now
Buy Now
Teen Passages 13-18 $249 $299 Buy Now
Buy Now
Master Passages 75+ $159 $199 Buy Now
Buy Now
Single Family Pass $599 $699 Buy Now
Buy Now
Family Passages $749 $849 Buy Now
Buy Now
Family PassesAll prices shown in CDN dollars Early Bird

June 1st to August 1st


August 2nd to October 2nd

Regular season

October 3rd onwards

Consist of 2 adults and up to 3 children. All must me at same address. More kids call the office and we can get you sorted.
$1,699 $1,899 $1,999 Buy Now
Buy Now
Single Parent Pass
Consist of 1 adult and up to 3 children. All must me at same address. More kids call the office and we can get you sorted.
$1,399 $1,499 $1,599 Buy Now
Buy Now

Exclusion of Liability

Baldy Mountain Resort Ski Pass, Packaged Tickets and Day Ticket Descriptions

the Family Pass:

the Family Pass: A family is defined as up to 2 adults and up to 3 kids (under 18yrs of age), maximum of 5 individuals (40$ per person after 5) (maximum of 7), residing together at the same address. Other options available for single Parents (1399$ early Bird or 1699$ Regular Rate) please call the office for more info.

Student Pass:

A student is classified as a post secondary student, aged 19-30, enrolled in full time attendance at a post-secondary institution. You must be enrolled in either the fall or winter semesters with proof of student ID, payment or partial payment, college/university/apprenticeship registration required showing a minimum of 3 courses to pick up your Baldy Mountain Resort Pass.  If proof of enrollment cannot be provided your pass will be refunded or can be upgraded to the Adult pricing.

Corporate Pass:

Valid for unlimited use from opening day to closing day of the 2022-2023 winter season. A CRA business number is required as proof of  business registration. A list of employee names will be required PRIOR to opening date or at time of purchase. For the company’s protection, passes may only be used by employees listed on your company list. Any employee revisions must be forwarded immediately to Baldy Mountain Resort to: ticketoffice (at), otherwise requests for pass use will be denied if the person is not listed on your current employee list. Employees are required to complete a one time waiver before using the pass. Passes remain the property of Baldy Mountain Resort and must be picked up and returned each day at the Guest Services Office, photo verification of employee and sign in/out is required for pick up/return. Corporate Passes are nonrefundable/non transferable to another year or company. Guests or friends of businesses including, but not limited to Bed & Breakfasts or hotels/motels are not classified as employees. Such usage will constitute fraud and passes will be revoked without compensation. Our regular terms and conditions apply. Pass Protection coverage is not available on this product.


Pass protection coverage is only available at time of season pass purchase and cannot be purchased at a later date. The cost is 30$ per person per pass or 90$ for family passes and provides a refund, or credit, under the following schedule and covers the purchaser of the pass protection in the event of:

-Injury or accident to the covered pass holder that prevents the passholder from using the season pass for skiing or snowboarding from the date of injury to the season’s end (inclusive).

-Death of covered passholder

– A contracted illness (including Covid-19) of the covered passholder that prevents the passholder from using the season pass for skiing or snowboarding from the date of illness to the season’s end (inclusive).

-A diagnosed disease that prevents the covered passholder from using the season pass for skiing or snowboarding from the date of diagnosis to the season’s end (inclusive).

-A job or school transfer/acceptance of the pass-holder or his/her spouse (including common-law) that necessitates a change of residence outside a 4 hour drive/radius 300 kms from Baldy Mountain Resort; provided the transfer/acceptance is not near your current address already outside the 4 hours/300 kms radius, and provided the transfer/acceptance is not made within 6 weeks of pass purchase.

-Supporting documentation is required from a medical doctor


Pass protection DOES NOT cover:

-Pre-existing conditions prior to purchasing your season pass


-Due to any temporary or minor injury or sickness

-Force majeure; acts of God, fire, vandalism, labor disputes, weather conditions or mechanical failures

-Employment status other than a transfer (i.e. laid off/quit)


Schedule of Refund/credit

Your rate of refund or credit is based at the time Baldy Mountain Resort receives your application for refund/credit request. A request for a refund/credit application can be made by email at: ticketoffice (at) or one can be made in person at 2680 Mt Baldy Road, Oliver BC. If you do not receive a response by email within 2 business days, please contact the office as your email may not have been received.

Prior to opening – 100% refund/credit applied minus PP

Opening to December 31 – 75% refund/credit applied minus PP

January 1 to January 31 – 50% refund/credit applied minus PP

February 1 to February 28 – 25% refund/credit applied Minus PP

March 1st– Onwards – 0% refund/credit applied Minus PP


Baldy Mountain Resort is happy to have a payment plan option. When purchasing your season pass, you will have the option to either choose to pay in full or choose our payment plan option.


  • 50% of the total payment is due at the time of purchase
  • The rest of the payments are due before obtaining your season pass. This is tracked monthly to see who still owes on there pass.
  • Two emails will be sent out before opening date as a reminder to pay the final payments.

Payment plans are only available for season passes purchased online. Please note that passes will not be issued until the payment plan is complete. There is a one time fee of 5$ for admin fees to track and set up your payment plan. Your first payment will be due at the time of checkout. The remaining payments will be charged on a monthly basis via an email notification that may end up in your spam folder as outlined above. To take advantage of the payment plan, simply choose the “Pay Deposit” option and then select “Buy Now” during the purchase process.

Once purchased, even if utilizing the payment plan, refunds will follow the guidelines outlined in the Pass Protection Coverage, Emergency Protection Coverage, and the Terms & Conditions/Refunds sections on our website.

Terms & Conditions/Refunds


  1. Rates are subject to change without notice.
  2. Looking to upgrade your Sugardays season pass you can do so at any moment in time during the operating season at our regular rate.
  3. All ages are determined as of December 31, 2023.
  4. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to check and understand Baldy Mountain Resort’s operation schedule prior to purchasing a pass.
  5. Baldy Mountain Resort does not have a specific number of “snow days guaranteed” and will be operational based on safe snow, weather, lift and unexpected health or emergency conditions for our guests.
  6. Baldy Mountain Resort’s tentative operational period (the “Operational Period”) is between mid-December 2023 and late-March or early-April 2024. This may be revised at our discretion, and is subject to snow and weather conditions.
  7. During the Operational Period, Baldy Mountain Resort will be open on Operational Days, during Operational Hours only.
  8. Operational Days are 7 days a week for the 2023-2024 season
  9. and during which time at least one ski lift is open.
  10. Baldy Mountain Resort’s Lift Operating Hours are between 9:00am and 3:30pm.
  1. There will be no refunds or compensation in case of cancellation of an Operational Day on account of weather conditions, mechanical failure of equipment, unexpected health or emergency conditions or force majeure, except for as provided in Baldy Mountain Resort’s Emergency Protection Program.
  2. All applications for passes are subject to approval of Baldy Mountain Resort.
  3. Season Passes remain the property of Baldy Mountain Resort and may be revoked, without refund, for misuse or violation of the CWSAA Alpine Responsibility Code.
  4. Season Passes, consecutive use day tickets, day tickets and other passes and/or day tickets types are non-refundable and non-transferable to another year or person, except in accordance with Baldy Mountain Resort’s optional Pass Protection Coverage.
  5. All persons must sign a ‘Release of Liability Agreement’ in person at Guest Services, or complete one online (if available) prior to obtaining their pass. Parents or guardians must sign on behalf of dependents 18 years old and under. No exceptions will be made.
  6. A photo of the passholder must be taken in person at Guest Services, or one must be uploaded online (if available) prior to obtaining their pass. A clear photo with head and shoulders only will be accepted. No goggles, sunglasses, helmets, hats, dogs, costumes, group photos (other than the Parent’s pass) are permitted in the photo.
  7. Proof of birth date and photo ID must be presented when collecting your season pass.
  8. The holder of any valid Season Pass or other pass types is eligible to ski or snowboard during Operating Hours on all lifts in operation during the 2023/24 season.
  9. The holder of a consecutive use, regular day ticket or other day ticket types is eligible to ski or snowboard during Operating Hours on all lifts in operation for the day the ticket is issued only.
  10. Any pass, consecutive use day ticket, day ticket or other day ticket types must be worn at all times when using Baldy Mountain Resort facilities, and must be visible to Baldy Mountain Resort staff and presented upon request. No exceptions.
  11. A fee of Ten Dollars ($5) will be assessed for replacement of a Season Pass if lost/stolen/damaged.
  12. Theft of services: Day tickets, consecutive use day tickets and season passes or other day ticket or pass types are to be used by the person for whom the ticket was purchased and are non-transferable to another person. Should a pass or ticket be used by a person other than the authorized pass holder; both the passholder and user will be expelled from Baldy Mountain Resort and its ski area, the pass will be revoked without refund and both passholder and user will be banned from the hill for the balance of the season. A police report will be made identifying both parties.
  13. Forgotten Passes: You will be required to complete a forgotten or lost pass form at the guest services and a one-time day ticket will be issued free of charge. Subsequent day tickets for “forgotten or lost passes” will be charged at the lost/stolen/damaged fee and a new pass will be issued. Your season pass will be “hot listed” for the balance of the day or season and any fraudulent use by others is cause for pass revocation and a police report will be filed for theft of services.
  14. Each pass holder, day-ticket or consecutive use day ticket holder agrees that he/she will not teach skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing for remuneration on lands controlled by Baldy Mountain Resort.
  15. Unless otherwise stated all services, rentals and events are nonrefundable.
  16. It is your responsibility to read and understand the terms and conditions of day tickets and season pass purchases, ‘Release of Liability Agreement’/waivers uses (can be viewed online when available and at time of purchase) and our policy on refunds, compensation, emergency protection program and our pass protection coverage prior to purchase.
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